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Friday, March 6, 2009

Twitter doesn't tweet in this room

There is something obscure and wonderful in this designer master bedroom on exhibit at the Home and Garden Show in Pittsburgh.

A newspaper of all things is parked under a teacup a short distance from a rendition of the nude Adam upon his creation at God’s fingertip.

Who would have guessed a modern man or woman "occupying" this space inspired by Michelangelo’s adornments on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling actually pays for The Wall Street Journal and then reads its pages in real time.

Here’s a shoutout to the designer, Karolyn Spagnolo of Spagnolo Design: Nice touch.

Flash back to yesterday when that dead-tree edition had a story about Twitter, the Web "It Girl" who has been spreading the word while old media wasn't watching.

Spagnolo's room has a message for those who tweet: Like it not, some people still prefer to hold onto the real deal to keep up with the world.

Her fancy design can be found among a row of rooms created by members of the Pennsylvania West chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers who were challenged to create them around a famous work of art.

The room is elegant, but it wouldn’t work in my house.

That white carpeting would quickly collect dust bunnies procreating among coffee stains. Within a week, I'd trip over the ceramic dogs and break those expensive phony pets to pieces, only to wonder who put them there in the first place. Really.

The painting is another story.

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