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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another shameless product endorsement

There was one slick car polish that kept my auto shining like new for tens of thousands of miles on the road in all sorts of weather.

Turtle Wax's 2001 urethane enriched car polish did the trick.

I picked up a 20 oz. supply of it, yes in 2001, and never ended up using two thirds of the liquid that came in a groovy green plastic bottle.

As an aging skeptic, I had doubted the company's claim that this product required no rubbing and buffing, and held it's shine for a year. I also wondered eight years ago how a company could stay in business if its customers didn't need to use its product more often.

Eight years later, my 2001 white Ford Ranger still looked almost brand new when I traded it for a compact car.

Folks thought I was exaggerating when I said that pickup truck had reached the end of the road when it still looked spiffy.

By then, she had traveled some 191,000 miles and survived one blinding blizzard outside Detroit, Mich. in 2006, as well as a violent deer strike in McMurray, Pa., a year earlier. Her finish also had repelled numerous splotches of wide droppings from birds that lingered on the electric, cable and phone lines above my driveway. The truck also slept in an area prone to acid rain storms.

Sorry to say Turtle Wax no longer sells this stuff. It's no wonder.

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