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Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Rooney's "den" gets a makeover

It is possible to decorate with everything Pittsburgh Steelers without coming off looking like a total yinzer.

Interior designer Christine Jones has pulled off this luxurious black-andigold look at the 2008 Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, creating her vision of how a highbrow study could have looked in home of the team’s founder, Art Rooney. It’s part of an exhibit by fancy decorators who used famous Pittsburghers for d├ęcor concepts, including one of “Andy Warhol's kitchen” complete with refrigerator magnets inspired by his silkscreen portraits.

Meanwhile, Rooney’s office has a herringbone, black-and-gold-stained bamboo floor and an 18th-century mahogany map desk that surely would have met “The Chief’s” masculine decorating tastes.

Some classic Steelers memorabilia was borrowed for the design from BC Collectibles because Rooney’s study wouldn’t have been complete without reminders of some of the greatest moments in history.

What you won’t find in this “room” is former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw’s likeness on black velvet. But there is a fancy fireplace behind an elegant Tibetan silk rug, a refined setting for passing around kielbasa, pierogies and Isaly’s chipped-chopped ham barbeque sandwiches.


Brant said...

It looks like someone ran out of room in their house for both a study and a gameroom, and put them in the same space. What a hideous mish-mash.

jtogyer said...

Um, Scott?

"Chuck" Rooney?

You were thinking of the former coach, Art Noll. ;-)