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Friday, March 28, 2008

Dawn discovers the Burgh

The Observer-Reporter has a new education writer, Dawn Keller, who is getting to know Pittsburgh, and finding a lot to adventure. Here are her thoughts about the Carnegie Science Center:

I’ve always loved the outdoors and animals. However, as a teen, my classes turned me off of science.
So I was surprised at how much I enjoyed a recent trip to the Carnegie Science Center.
It started with a tour of the USS Requin, a submarine actually used by the United States military. It’s an intriguing look into how the man on that boat lived. In addition to seeing how they lived and where everything was stored, the submarine has a computer system that allows you to hear men who served on the USS Requin to explain what life on there was like.
From there, it’s hard to decide what to do first. The child in me loved the experiments that explained how everything works from birds flying to waves.
The miniature hand-built scale model trains were beautiful and finding the animated people within the exhibit was a lot of fun. The digital planetarium makes you feel like you are rocketing through space.
We also stopped at the Omnimax Theater to watch a movie about natural disasters, including volcanoes and tornadoes. The special effects were amazing and definitely worth the watch.
The aquariums give you a close-up of coral reef and beautiful fish.
All I can say is that it’s definitely worth a second visit. I can’t wait to return.

NOTE: The photos of the sub are printed with permission of vivid sky, who appears in the shot, above.

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