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Monday, March 24, 2008

Loo with a view

People who drink too much coffee spend a lot of time running with a caffeine buzz to the potty. And nowhere in Pittsburgh will they find a crazier place to deposit their high-octane premium blend than in the johns at The Beehive Coffee House in the city's South Side district. For instance, a funky 1950s refrigerator door doubles as the gate to the commode stall in the men's room.

While the shop’s Web site credits the place’s offbeat decorations to local artists, a counter clerk there attributes the bathroom designs to graffiti scribes and owners who refuse to pay to have the walls repainted.

In either case, the rooms are a cool work in progress.

The Beehive at the corner of East Carson and 14th streets is eclectic with its mismatched tables and chairs and kooky lamps. College professors join youngster with bright green and pink hair there for a brand of coffee that is supposed to have won many awards while competing with a nearby Starbucks.

The hive has been operated for 15 years by Scott Kramer and Steve Zurnoff, who are retired from stalking Gerry Garcia. They wanted to create a second living room to invite over artists, ministers, students, bikers, businessmen and nerds, like me.

The food is good - especially the assortment of hot soups that always includes a vegetarian selection. I like the spicy chickpea variety that comes with big hunk of asiago cheese bread.

Besides the entertaining clientele, The Beehive has free wireless Internet and banks of computers that can be used for $1.10 for 17 minutes in a less-than-hip city that needs more places to easily hop the Web.

Click here to see the women's room.



Alison said...

All I tasted there was the coffee, and that was delicious (and enough to send me to the ladies' room - twice).

Thanks for the linkage!

Monique Ringling said...

Freakin' sweet! I'm there.

Devon Adams said...

Thanks for the post. Brings back some memories. I just wrote my own post on The Beehive. http://nooccar.com/2008/12/31/beehive-coffeehouse-a-memory-collage/