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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mount Zion Church Day 3

Judging from the color and style of the carpeting inside this double-door outhouse, it appears the 1970s was the last time the congregation spruced up its relief station behind the now-closed Mount Zion Church in Nottingham Township, Pa.

It also looked today with the outhouse doors wide open as if many years have passed since anyone has needed to use its facilities.

As someone who grew up in an area when people in certain places still relied on outdoor plumbing, this is the first outhouse I've seen with indoor commode seats.

Stop back tomorrow as this 30-day photography project continues at this church dating to the mid-1800s.

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Jack Jones said...

It would be great to save this church that has lasted so long! The original or 1st part of the cemetery is down the road a bit on Lake Leoni Rd. I have the land owners Phone number if you would like to visit, loaded with Weygandts and Stechers.

jijones at yahoo.com