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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mount Zion Church Day 20

Peeking through the window next to the side entrance to historic Mount Zion Church it's plain to see the last people who worshiped here walked away two decades ago leaving the cross on the alter wall behind the pulpit.

Later the building in Nottingham Township, Pa., was rented to someone who used it for storage, and he left behind a mattress leaning against a wall, among other things. A small part of it can be seen in the lower, left corner of this photograph.

For more information on the history of this Lutheran church, whose founding members were among the first settlers in the Ginger Hill area of Washington County, click here. Some of the information there proved to be incorrect. Refer to Day 30 of this project.

It's interesting that the First Conference of the Lutheran Church west of the Allegheny Mountains was established at the original log Mount Zion Church, which was built nearby. The congregation relocated to this brick building in 1846, the attached article states., and the old church was converted into a home.

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