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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A hot fireman at night

JEFFERSON HILLS, Pa. – There is a new edition to the collection of odd roadside attractions in the Pittsburgh area.

It’s at life-sized Fiberglass statue of a fireman holding a hose at rest beside a town square clock along Route 51 across the highway from the Large Volunteer Department in Jefferson Hills, Pa.

As you can see by the photo, above, it’s brilliantly lit at night with enough voltage to require an onlooker to don sunglasses.

In most cases, though, the many motorists who speed through this area probably don’t catch more than a glimpse of the monument. A pedestrian can’t even get there on a sidewalk to tell time from the four-lane highway where it meets Wray-Large Road.

The decoration is an attraction that, chance are, a reckless motorist will soon crash to bits.

Here’s hoping it endures nearly as long as Stephen Foster’s slave’s famous big toe in Oakland or the headless Pittsburgh Steeler in Greensburg.

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