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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A burger worth defending

By Scott Beveridge

WEST ELIZABETH, Pa. – A buddy and I stumbled upon a small-town bar on the outskirts of Pittsburgh more than a decade ago and immediately became addicted to its food that could satisfy a linebacker.

Tim’s Corner Bar in West Elizabeth, Pa., continues to be a regular haunt for us because this business has great food and even better conversation among the mix of regulars unless one of them dares to reach for our plates.

The bar with a tin ceiling and loud jukebox probably is more popular among the locals for serving delicious chicken wings, but its house burger has no rival in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The TCB burger is topped with a slice of American cheese, a few thick slices bacon and Russian salad dressing, of all things, oozing onto the plate.

As I snapped the photograph, above, the fellow seated on the adjoining barstool drooled at the sight of this sandwich. Had he reached toward my plate, I would have considered stabbing his hand with a fork. This grub is that worthy of a steel-curtain defense in Pittsburgh Steelers country.

You could ask my friend about the quality of Tim’s food, but I won’t name him here so not to further embarrass the guy on the Net. He once swallowed there a half-dozen center-cut pork chops that members of the bar’s baseball team couldn't finish. It’s nothing for him to down two of Tim's burgers, either, on top of a salad and fries. For those reasons alone, his photograph should be hanging in a frame as a trophy there for the biggest eater.

To avoid his stealing your food, it might be worth calling ahead to the bar at 700 Fourth St. to reserve a seat at the furthest end of the bar away from that man.

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