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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crawling drunk in Snuggies

The warm bar scene Saturday night at Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh during a Snuggie bar crawl hosted by the Kiss radio Freak Show.

By Scott Beveridge

PITTSBURGH – It’s a stretch but there might be a logical reason to wear a Snuggie blanket on a mission to get drunk.

A stoned Snuggie wearer would stay warmer while cuddled in one of the silly polyester robes after falling asleep in a curb.

Outside of that it doesn’t make sense for a guy to belly up to a bar wearing one of the latest television hawk-advertising sensations to take America by storm.

“You have to pull up your skirt to piss,” a fellow next to me said Saturday during the Snuggie Bar Crawl 2009 hosted in Pittsburgh by 96.1 Kiss morning Freak Show hosts Big Bob and Mikey.

Nearly 100 people showed up for the party that started at the Double Wide Grill, a restaurant that appropriately has a white trash menu in the city’s trendy South Side District.

Who knew there were so many varieties of that kooky blanket that probably is better suited for a community of monks.

Some of the bar crawlers were wearing Steelers Snuggie while others came wrapped in leopard patterns. There also were people draped in gray, pink and beige.

Meanwhile, Kiss DJ Mike Ryan wore a Snuggie box over his head lit by two miniature reading lamps.

That’s so weird and funny wrapped into one.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Snuggie model pauses for the camera while crossing E. Carson Street in Pittsburgh, en route to the Lava Lounge.


MJ said...

I hope you were wearing your Leopard print TWAB Snuggie(c) for the occasion. Looks like a good time at the Dubba-Wide.

Amanda Blu said...

Oh, Scooter. What great foreshadowing.