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Saturday, October 18, 2008

This chef needs a skin doctor

BENTLEYVILLE, Pa. – Meet Lanny, the odd chef at King of Hill Steakhouse.

He developed a skin problem and severe psychosis at the haunted restaurant atop a hill beside Interstate 70 before it quit serving food two years ago.

His coworkers lost their minds, too, so the story goes at a scare house owner Debbie Hardy is running there through Halloween.

Lanny does a great job mingling with people in line before they are allowed to enter the building and welcomed to a dinner table set with plates holding severed fingers. A freaky old lady circles the room in a wheelchair while a half-dead guest crawls out from under the table.

There’s a creepy wedding upstairs and a freak show at the bar staged with creatures that almost seem to have jumped out of a similar scene in the movie Star Wars. A walk through the chilly basement ends the 15-minute tour that costs $13 at the door.

They saved the best for last. The cellar has been turned into a torture chamber where one guy is being electrocuted and a woman screams to be freed from her cage. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds benefit the local Fallowfield Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The costumes are great, including the one worn by a wacky lady who strolls aimlessly with a cane and moans about being kept from attending Sunday services in the building that was once known as Newkirk Church. The show runs from 7 p.m. to midnight Oct. 23-31.

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Sean said...

Oh wow, they stopped serving food here? I should go when I'm home next.