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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bill Clinton on Obama in Little Washington

Former President Bill Clinton today made his second stop at Washington and Jefferson College in this election cycle to campaign for the Democratic candidate for the White House. His first visit to the campus in March involved a pitch for his wife, Hillary, who would later bow out of the race. This time around in Washington, Pa, he delivered a rousing preacher-man-style pitch for Barack Obama, and said the following in a 23-minute speech:

“Senator Obama is going to win this election and win it handily … unless people stop thinking about what is happening.”

“I have been there and this is going to be tough,” he said about the challenges facing the next president over the struggling economy, broken health-care system and America’s diminishing image in the world.

“I was for somebody else,” he said, adding that his wife is better suited for the White House.

“This is disgraceful folks,” he said about one in eight cancer patients being unable in the United States to afford medicine.

“You are being ripped off,” he said regarding how much Americans pay for health care when compared to the rest of the world.

“We need to free ourselves from the chains of foreign oil.” That needs no clarification.

“(Obama’s) going to have to take his hand off the Bible, race back down Pennsylvania Avenue, close the Oval Office door and get this country out of the ditch.”

(Photo: Stan Diamond Observer-Reporter)

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