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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There is gold in the new m&m's

Mars has rolled out a new specialty treat that is not your grandmother’s m&m’s in a campaign targeting chocolate lovers with discriminating taste buds.

The candy-maker introduces a fancy variety of its time tested, bite sized classic, the new m&m’s Premiums, which is billed as “a delightful chocolate gem with a colorful outside and rich, scrumptious inside.”

It comes in such flavors as Mocha or Raspberry Almond, pieces coated in bright marbleized, paper thin candy that disappear before melting in the mouth. Those Mochas look like shiny nuggets of gold covered in hues of coffee and burnt orange that make them far sexier in appearance than traditional m&m’s.

It appears Mars is appealing to people who shop for premium products to convince their friends they have refined senses of elegance.

The new candy is selling in local Giant Eagle markets for upwards of $5 for one 6 oz. box that is clumsy to seal after opening.

A box of the Mocha label amounts to enough chocolate to fill one cup, 920 calories and 160 percent of the recommended daily dose of saturated fats in a healthy diet. Regardless of the potential damage to my arteries, I like this coffee-flavored junk food a lot, and pass it around to my coworkers to see if they agree with my fondness for this stuff.

An unofficial, random sampling today among the news staff at the Observer-Reporter in Washington, Pa., resulted in unanimous approval of the Mochas and feedback that will make Mars smile.

“They are worth every penny and calorie,” an editor said, prior to leaving work to find more of them more at Target.


Belinda said...

I'm wondering who has the will-power to seal up part of a 6 oz. container of chocolate instead of eating it. Not me. ;-)

Miss Shona said...

Oooooh....I must have...