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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vixens of the Valley

The Monongahela “Calendar Girls” have been turning their hometown in Southwestern Pennsylvania on its ear. The dozen women who posed semi-nude in a calendar for charity drew a huge crowd Wednesday to the Monongahela fireman's parade, where they showed up in sexy convertibles.
Dot Krol, 74, a fitness technician, shown at left in the photo, and Peggy Savadeck, 82, a Senior Olympics national gold medalist in the high jump, greeted their fans while riding along Main Street in a Volkswagen. They were Miss March and Miss November, respectively, in the calendar that has been selling like hot cakes and raising money for the Monongahela Area Historical Society.
The women have become a media sensation since the Observer-Reporter in Washington, Pa., broke the story in June. A big city newspaper photographer from Pittsburgh followed them through the parade route last night, as did Channel 4’s spot news cameraman, Tommy Sypula. Riding their gravy train, this was the fourth time these “pinup girls” have appeared on this blog. Bad clichés aside, they always give a big boost to the number of hits “Travel with a Beveridge” sees in a day. Rock on ladies.

Lois Phillips, 80, an artsy type, left, and Kathleen Bordini, 74, a nutrition adviser, take their places in the parade.

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