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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Montana sytle pass

This super highway has bridges named after a football superstar.
The Joe Montana Bridges along the Mon-Fayette Expressway cross a deep valley near the high school that he attended in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Tourists actually stop their cars on the tallest spans along the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s sprawling network of highways to take photographs and gaze at the scenery.
The four-time Super Bowl championship quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers even stopped here in 2002 on one of his rare returns to his nearby hometown of Monongahela.
The 1974 graduate of Ringgold High School smiled for photographs with politicians, signed a few autographs and said he was honored to have his name attached to the giant bridges before he drove off to a fundraiser.
Nearly 6,000 tons of steel went into building the $35 million structures whose decks rise 250 feet above Route 88 near Finleyville.
If only Montana could work his magic to build team support and raise the money to complete this “highway to nowhere.” Construction is about to come to a halt because the Turnpike Commission is billions of dollars short of the money it needs to finish the toll road into the city of Pittsburgh. Right now, the road pours onto the already congested Route 51, far short of its intended destination.
If Googling around the Internet means anything in the name of research, it seems that it’s a lot more common for NFL players to see their names attached to playing fields than pavement.
But, restaurants in the Pittsburgh area have been selling Ben RoethlisBurgers as a gimmick that honors Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who led his team to a Super Bowl championship in 2006 against the Seattle Seahawks. One version of the burger comes topped with sausage, scrambled eggs, onions and American cheese. Big Ben would need to sprint from Heinz Field to Finleyville to burn off calories after chowing done on one of those suckers.

(Joe Montana photo: Observer-Reporter}

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