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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Metrosexual cowboy

This googly-eyed cowpoke has undergone a makeover from the tips of his big boots to the crown of his ten-gallon hat. The dude’s cheeks are aglow with a fresh coat of brown paint that also puts a sheen to his hulking frame.
The 30-year-old roadside attraction known as “Big Jim” received his new look before being relocated from outside an old welding shop near Charleroi, Pa., to a hotel at the Interstate 70 interchange in Bentleyville. His wardrobe was definitely in need of someone with the style of Calvin Klein.
The 20-foot, 3-ton steel sculpture created by welder Jim Krutz was a rusting mess by the time his descendants decided to sell it after the artist’s death. Their attempt to sell this hunk of primitive art on eBay didn't pan out. The owners of a Best Western came to its rescue, and perched Jim this spring fashion season on a new concrete base beside their establishment. GQ magazine has yet to send a photographer to the scene.


LJSilicon said...

I'm originally from Charleroi and I now live in North Canton, OH. My family and I often stay at the Best Western in Bentleyville and my family and I enjoy having Cowboy Jim watching over us. ;)

Anonymous said...

I helped put this cowboy in..I even helped pour the footer for him at the Best Western for Dr Gosai. David Carlisle repainted that cowboy and bought the shop from the family when they were selling it. He went to WYOTech and learned to paint vehicles there which aided in the repainting of Big Jim :) We took a picture of him sitting on top of Big Jim's cowboy hit with a knee on each side. Little scary!