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Saturday, June 18, 2011

This pen eases my guilt

This is a confession that troubles the environment and me: I drink a lot of water sold in plastic bottles.

Water is the only liquid that satisfies my thirst and I don't like contributing to the flow of new plastic into landfills or recycling bins. But I do. Every day.

Well the Jacksonville, Fla.-based Pilot Corporation of America has come up with a pen that eases my guilt over buying so many of those bottles of water.

It has introduced the world's first ink pen manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Its B2p gel roller is cool because its body even looks a bit like a tiny bottle of water. And the pens are refillable, which makes me even happier.

In my job as a reporter I use/lose a lot of pens.

I bought mine yesterday at a Rite Aid in Monongahela, Pa. The pens also can be purchased at Staples, Walgreens, Amazon, Walmart and Office Depot and starting next month, Target, the company tells me today in a Tweet.

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