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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Christians dedicate their new labyrinth

Members of Faith United Presbyterian Church dedicate their new labyrinth last week in Washington, Pa. Photo: Christie Campbell, Observer-Reporter

It's interesting to see Christians gathering now around a labyrinth outside a newer Presbyterian church in Washington, Pa.

These mazes predate Christianity and were believed to be traps for evil spirits or paths for people to perform rituals.  Later, they would be used at holy sites for Christians to seek salvation.

Members of Faith United Presbyterian Church of Washington last week dedicated their new labyrinth as a place of meditation, according to the Observer-Reporter newspaper. Writer Christie Campbell explains it further in her story:

The seven circuit labyrinth is patterned after labyrinths used in major cathedrals in Europe. Jim Riding, a member of the church’s property team, developed the labyrinth following a suggestion by the church pastor, the Rev. Ed DeLair Jr. The walk calls for people to set aside some time and focus on their body, mind and spirit as well as moving closer to God.  The labyrinth pattern is laid out over more than 60 tons of gravel with various rocks and stones creating a circular path. During the dedication church members, who had been asked to bring a stone from their own property to the site, laid them in the labyrinth as a way of connecting with the place.

This decoration at 900 E. Beau St. looks pretty cool.

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