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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Golden Mouse ceremony

It's with great pride that I accept the esteemed Gold Mouse Award tonight from my fellow bloggers, Michael Jones, right, and Amanda Gillooly.

Without their cooperation and grand editing skills, the Travel With a Beveridge blog would never had been recognized in such a manner for having exceeded 100,000 one time page views a few days ago.

"You have put a lot of work into your blog," said Jones, during the award presentation at Pizza and Wings restaurant in Bridgeville, Pa.

Jones spent $8 on a piece of plywood from Home Depot, and also spray painted an old computer mouse to create this special honor. This plaque will be cherished and displayed prominently on a wall at my house as motivation to continue to spill forth words on this blog.

"Good friends and kind gestures is what life is all about," I said, as an old man attempting to share sage wisdom with my much-younger colleagues.

Gillooly sometimes takes my advice, and was so, so proud to take part in the ceremony.

"He has called me Grasshopper for years," she said.  "It was my distinct honor to have presented Mr. Beveridge with this most awesome award."

Tell me again why I refer to you as an ugly insect.

(Photo by: Tiffany Wheatley)


Amanda Blu said...

You've referred to me as worse than that, budday!

MJ said...

I only spent a dollar on your prized hardwood. Then I spent $4 on the 1k gold spray paint and $2 on the stickered engraving. The mouse was a complimentary gift for your achievement. Congrats!