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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A song for the Ferry Boat Frederick

Gary Antol performs at the Bowers Brothers Lounge's first annual Ferry Boat Festival in Fredericktown, Pa., along the Monongahela River. He is part of a local band, Antol & Wyels, which turned out to help promote tourism to this part of the woods.

Bar owner John Bowers said he participated int the event also sponsored by the Maxwell Basin Recreation Area, which formed three weeks ago.

The basin stretches from Maxwell Locks and Dam near Brownsville upriver to Point Marion, said Dennis Slagel, 59, who owns Bee’s Graphics in Fredericktown and founded the organization.

“The river is the asset,” he said.

The group kicked off this summer season with Memorial Day services followed by a rib fest at a local marina. It also will sponsor a festival around the Fourth of July, complete with fireworks at dark July 3.

“We’re testing the water so far, and we’ll build on what’s to come,” Slagel said.

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