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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Steelers' kicker cited once more

Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Solobay, a Democrat from Canonsburg, presents Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed with a citation from the House of Representatives for community service at the Washington Crown Center mall.

By Scott Beveridge

WASHINGTON, Pa. – Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed has been cited again, this time for good behavior.

Reed, who was charged over a confrontation with Pittsburgh police following the Cleveland Browns game two weeks ago, was given a citation Tuesday from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for turning out for a charity to feed the poor at Thanksgiving.

“Oh, this is a good citation. This is the only one that won’t get you into trouble,” Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Solobay, a Canonsburg Democrat, said while presenting the citation to the player at the Washington Crown Center mall in North Franklin Township.

Reed, who is contesting his recent brush with police, smiled and appeared to blush when he accepted the gift from Solobay. He also got into trouble with police last summer for beating up a paper towel dispenser in a Westmoreland County convenience store.

Some people brought him paper towel dispensers to sign at the mall, and he did so while charging double the price for an autograph to raise money for the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

The food bank is the repository for money raised through the annual 2000 Turkeys campaign in the area that provides Thanksgiving turkeys for low-income families.

More than 200 people turned out an hour early and stood in a long line to pay $10 for an autograph from Reed. It cost those who waited another $10 for a signature from his teammate, Chris Hoke, a starting nose tackle.

Donations also are being accepted at 2000 Turkeys, P.O. Box 2000, Washington, PA 15301.


MJ said...

Great lede, Scooter. Considering this was to benefit the 2,000 Turkey charity, it would be safe to say that Jeff Reed was the biggest turkey out of all of them... and I'm sure Chris Hoke promptly ate him.

Amanda Blu said...

Oh, I had to fan myself. Despite his anger problem, he is a hottie!! Why didn't you call a sister?? And I second Jimmity's assertion: Great lede, buddy!