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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry, I slow for art

By Scott Beveridge

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – It happened again today, this time at a busy intersection beside a construction zone in Downtown.

A motorist blared the horn of his car horn while zipping around mine because I didn’t move fast enough when the traffic signal switched from red to green.

“Sorry,” I would have said if it was possible to that aggressive driver, but there were some pretty cool things to take in there along Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh, where a new Penguins hockey arena is under construction.

An ordinary orange plastic construction fence lining that side of the building site has been turned into temporary, public art.

Upside-down orange construction cones lining the fence have been turned into planters sprouting shrubbery. The barrier also holds colorful flowers and random woven designs, some of which were created with ordinary green garden hoses. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by such creativity?

The initiative, “Construction as Canvas,” was developed as a way to connect the community to the $321-million arena that should open next summer.

The nasty motorist today wasn’t connecting. At least he didn’t show me a raised middle finger, an expression that I often witness on the road.


MJ said...

It seems only fitting that construction cones in Pittsburgh were turned into art. It had to happen eventually with the surplus PennDOT has.

Scott Beveridge said...

Good one Mike. It's a wonder shrubs don't grow out of more of those cones, given how long some of them stay in place.

Amanda Blu said...

I prefer to give the thumbs up to drivers like you.

JK. I give them the finger.