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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This pizza parlor will draw you back for more

By Scott Beveridge

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. – It would seem pointless to stop at Burgh’s Pizza and Wing Pub for anything other than, well, the pizza and wings that have made this restaurant a success.

So the Bridgeville, Pa., eatery is the destination tonight, where we order 10 jumbo Buffalo wings and a Mit’s white way thin deck pizza.

The place at 533 Washington Ave. in the heart of this town about 20 minutes from Pittsburgh has two bars and a mid-sized dining room. The beer selection is broad with 28 brews on tap and more than 100 different bottle brands in the coolers.

The ceiling is industrial looking, while the walls are painted mauve and yellow. There is a hearty mid-week crowd inside, an indication that the grub here is worth its weight on a pizza pie pan.

The wings arrive first, and are not any bigger than your run-of-the-mill wing dings. The sauce tastes like the standard Buffalo variety served in this area. The saving grace: they are crisp and not greasy, my friend says.

But the pizza is the star of the meal. The crust is probably the best I’ve had in some time. It also has a perfect mix of toppings – artichokes, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and feta, we agree.

“Sometimes you can overdo feta,” my friend says.

I think the pizza, though, is a bit too garlicky

“Too much garlic is never enough garlic,” she argues.

A great thing about this family-owned bar and restaurant is the fact it has helped to raise $140,000 over the years to develop a nearby hiking and biking path known as Montour Trail. Even better – it makes it’s own dough and pizza sauce, said Frank Daily, who owns the business with his brothers, Dan and Tom.

However, when one of these pizzas is consumed it requires a full workout on the 40-mile recreational rail-trail park to digest it without adding more width to the spare tire.

A glance at the mound of pizza with pepperoni being devoured by a couple across the room makes me jealous of them. The envy worsens while I’m en route to the rest room and spot a deep-dish red pizza screaming my name from another table.

I’ll definitely come back for seconds, and then scout out that trail.


MJ said...

Pizza and Wing is my favorite restaurant/watering hole around. Great food and an ample selection of adult beverages. Glad you stopped by Burgh's.

Amanda Blu said...

Wait, wait...you are admitting that we are friends? Just kidding. Perhaps we should make this place the new Pod brrrs gathering place? Nice post, Scotty. But you forgot to mention the HUGE draft beers they give you. It took two hands to lift it.

MJ said...

Ah, yes. The good ole 25 ouncers. The funny thing about Pizza and Wing is that I rarely get either the pizza or the wings. My favorite on the menu is the shorty Italian deluxe hoagie or Philly cheese steak. I highly recommend both.

Dawn Keller said...

Burgh's is what we miss most about no longer living in Bridgeville. We still stop there every once in a while.
Their garlic fries are a favorite of mine. And the raspberry beer? Yum!

Amanda Blu said...

Rasberry and beer shouldn't be in the same sentence. It is an abomination.

Scott Beveridge said...

That's girl beer for sure Amanda. Pass me a good IPA

Anonymous said...

Drank some HopDevil last night from Victory Brewing. Delicious.
If you are looking for great wings go to T's Locker Room in Burgettstown. Huge wings and the sauces are unreal. They are different than any other wings and I can't explain why.

Anonymous said...

The Slovenian Club in Burgettstown has great wings & sloppy fries. It's a club so you would have to pay $5 dues for the year. Great family atmosphere, on Saturdays evenings the have open bowling.

Amanda Blu said...

Jimmity and Scooter, did you hear this? Beers? Wings? Open bowling? $5 yearly dues? You take Irish girls??

Scott Beveridge said...

You first need to know someone on the inside to invite you to become a member.

Amanda Blu said...

"Know someone on the inside" sounds pretty serious.

Anonymous said...

That isn't true. Anyone can be a member of the Slovenian Club in Burgettstown. Their wings aren't as good as T's though.