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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Donora-Webster Bridge status

Here is the weekly update from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation about the closed Donora-Webster Bridge:

SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. of Pittsburgh is continuing their investigation into the feasibility of repairing the bridge so that it could reopen with a three ton weight limit. Lehigh University has completed their testing of the structural steel samples from the bridge. The results of this testing program shows that the initial repair concepts for the structure that have been developed will not be sufficient. SAI is now conducting additional studies to determine the feasibility, extent, and potential cost of repairs.

Valerie Petersen Community Relations Coordinator
PA Department of Transportation
District 12 Office

PennDOT officials declined to comment on the initial repair concepts it developed for the historic 101-year-old bridge that closed July 14 because of badly-deteriorated steel supporting its deck.

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Cool photos the past couple of days.