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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot for soft-served custard stand

CANONSBURG, Pa. – Three Pennsylvania boys have found a creative way to spend part of their summer vacation and also attempt to impress the girls who work at an unusual ice cream stand.

The guys accomplished that by producing the cute video, above, of the Turtle Twist, a quirky roadside attraction along Route 980 in Canonsburg, Pa. The owners found the Fiberglass building in the shape of a giant ice cream cone in more than 20 pieces on eBay, and had it reassembled five years ago for their start-up family business.

The actors in the video are Alex Chips, Corey Draganovsky and Nick Carper in a desperate trip to see ice cream girls Victoria Bernardi and Breanna Bakaitis. OK, I admit the video made me chuckle.


Amandablu said...

nicely done Scotty! How many times have I driven by that place and not thought it was a story...
God Speed, buddy.

MJ said...

I agree. Although the last time I drove by that place on 980, I actually said aloud, "Why the hell is a turtle on top of that ice cream stand?"

Now I have my answer. Thanks, Scooter.