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Friday, January 2, 2009

At it turns out, Nixon wasn't a patsy

It's easy to regain some respect of Richard Nixon after watching Ron Howard's Oscar-likely flick, "Frost/Nixon," because it reveals the former president as a real man.

Nixon takes ownership of his failures when his legacy becomes the focus of a kooky David Frost's 1977 interview of him, at a time when the traditional media had turned its back on the disgraced Republican president.

In the end, Nixon doesn't blame his crisis on the Democrats, uneducated, middle class, minorities or liberal reporters in this compelling semi-fictional movie. He credits himself for screwing his country and then moves on toward the sunset of his life in a golf cart.

The former prez, meanwhile, touches the ivories beautifully in that film, much like he did in this old appearance on "The Jack Paar Tonight Show:"

(Photo: Alastair Muir)


Mike Jones said...

Just don't see any movies starring 50 Cent at the Loews... you're likely to get shot if you do.

Scott Beveridge said...

Police were stationed at both doors when we got there, and the P-G later reported that the hotel across the street had been robbed that morning.