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Monday, April 7, 2008

Pirates with a bellyful

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – As if the Pittsburgh Pirates' 15 consecutive losing seasons aren’t enough to make some baseball fans sick to their stomachs.

Select ticket holders can now stuff their faces with French fries, nachos, hot dogs, peanuts and ice cream until they puke in all-you-can-eat seats that became available April 7 in time for the season opener at PNC Park.

At $35 apiece for advance sales, there are 168 of the seats in right field, section 147, near the foul pole. And salads are on the menu for those who are counting calories to the speed food line that is set up for these gluttons. Be warned, the hungry can just carry off a limit of four items at each visit.

Pirates management is struggling to make fans happy, given the team has earned the title of having the second longest losing streak in franchise history, behind the Philadelphia Phillies.

In another move, the park has done away with an Outback steakhouse overlooking the bleachers in left field. It’s been replaced by the Hall of Fame Club, where anyone with a ticket can belly up the bar and watch the game on any number of large-screen TVs. It’s really nothing more than a giant room for drinking beer, except on days when a band is scheduled to perform.

Pittsburgher Joe Grushecky and his “still standing” Houserockers opened the club immediately after the Pirates lost a nail-biting sell-out game against the Cubs 10-8 in the 12th inning.

In all likelihood, the music had died down by the time the drunk-on-food fans from Section 147 reached the exit gates.


Brant said...

A giant room for drinking beer and watching baseball on big-screen TVs? Sounds like heaven.

Amanda Gillooly said...

Sory Brant, I don't think beer is involved in the all-you-can consume category. And not to be more of a downer, is it really a great idea to take your (the universal "your") kids to a place where they can down 16 hotdogs and eight gallons of cola in this age of obesity? Just a thought.