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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Harvey, if you're listening, it's Amanda here

Dear Steve Harvey,

I must admit first off that I am not a loyal listener of your weekday radio show. In fact, I’m really not a loyal listener to any particular station while on fruitless pursuit for finding a decent song on my 37-mile ride to work. That’s what led me to you, Mr. Harvey, and your syndicated morning show.

I don’t know what started the conversation Monday, and I don’t know how it ended. But you piqued my interest when you were discussing suspicions in relationships. I was quite surprised to hear your views on both cheating and homosexuality.

I’m sure you remember it; you seemed pretty steamed when the ladies on your show didn’t smell what you were stepping in.

If I recall correctly, you said that a man who cheats on a woman is far different from a gay man being in a relationship with a woman. His rationale was that cheating is simply a “characteristic” while being gay is “a character flaw.”

I don’t know why I am continually surprised when I hear hateful homophobe’s like you spewing rhetoric about something you likely know little about.

But, Steve, in your case, I’d add hypocrite to that, as well.

After checking out your Web site, I learned that you’ve won numerous awards from the NAACP, and you laud your contributions to high schools across the nation to help further achievement.

The NAACP should be ashamed of honoring you, as your comments and point of view are inconsistent with its mission statement. Although the acronym stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the mission is to try to establish equality for “minority group citizens.”

Just as blacks fought to gain the same freedoms as whites, this time the minority is the homosexual sect. One of my best friends from college is “marrying” his boyfriend in our hometown of Pittsburgh.

As I’m sure you know, marriage rights are rare for homosexuals, and the Commonwealth provides no legal protection for guys like him. He’s in love, but that doesn’t matter.

And it further bothers me that anyone really believes that being homosexual is a character flaw. When I look at my best friend I see a man who is attractive, funny, compassionate, educated and in love. If he has any character flaws, it would likely be his poor diet (no one can really munch as hardcore as him. In college with limited food options, he talked a friend and me into eating sandwiches consisting of Nutella spread and Lucky Charms. No good).

Living in New York, I thought you would have had to know at least one gay man. But, then I learned you were originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and it started to make more sense.

Thank you for your time.
Warmest Regards,

Amanda “I just lost any respect I had for some guy who starred in a crappy television show for a few years” Gillooly


Brant said...

Amen, sister. Steve Harvey has shown himself to be a major league jackass.

Scott Beveridge said...

His comments are another indication that bigotry comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

A.J. said...

That's my girl. Your concise and acerbic manner of dressing down such a provincial soul does my heart proud.