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Friday, February 8, 2008

A walk around The Rock

Tours of New York’s Rockefeller Center lead straight to Studio 8H, the celebrated set of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

There the audience parks themselves on seats borrowed three decades ago from Yankee Stadium when the show began and didn’t have much money. Today, the cast and crew can afford new, more comfortable chairs but are too superstitious to change anything lest the live show might stumble and fall.

Visitors are reminded that SNL has made history for such odd reasons as singer Sinead O’Connor did on Oct. 3, 1992, when she ripped a photograph of the pope in a protest over sexual abuses within the Roman Catholic Church. The controversy all but ended her career in the United States.

The actors also have left us with some of the funniest moments in TV Land, especially the hilarious skit in the early 1990s featuring a stoned Christ Farley wearing black Spandex pants and pretending to be a Chippendales stripper.

The tour isn’t always as interesting as a walk around the Art-Deco center and its 19 commercial buildings dating to 1929. Yesterday, I bumped into this guy named Joe:


Brant said...

That Sinead is one nutty girl, but you can't accuse her of being dull. Check out her Wikipedia bio for more crazy stuff she's said and done.

Amanda Gillooly said...

That man is sharp. Do tell, what is around his neck? The cane is also a nice touch.