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Friday, February 1, 2008

stranded, stripped and stupid

It’s always a funny scene in a movie when a car is stripped of its parts in five minutes in a bad neighborhood. But it’s kind of unnerving when it happens in plain view in what is supposed to be one of the better neighborhoods in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

This car has grown smaller by the day along Van Dei Cas Highway in Rostraver Township, where the average family has a median income of about $50,000 a year and climbing.

It's become a roadside attraction for those who regularly drive the road. On Tuesday, there were two tires on the ground in front of the hood. The next day, they were gone.

Sometime before yesterday, the rear windshield was broken, probably to get inside the vehicle that has prompted several local residents to complain to Rostraver police. Officers have yet to say how the car became stranded or if anyone is planning for its funeral.

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