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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to fat score a goat

To estimate the amount of meat on a Boer goat before it goes to slaughter, you dig your thumbs and fingers into its ribs to get a feel for the amount of tissue covering its bones. That is, if you have a clue in the world about goat farming or how to catch one and rightly massage its blubber. The judges at the Washington County Fair in Pennsylvania must know the trick because they are doing this field test as we speak on more than 100 of these animals that have been entered into the competition for a grand champion blue ribbon in the meat-class Boer goat category. According to the experts, the easier it is to feel the ribs means the goat has less fat on its body. That one is perfect for grilling and serving with a delicate wine sauce.

While most Americans think goat meat is disgusting, the French call it chevron and consider it to be a delicacy. They eat it Asian-style in Texas, too. I hear they're selling goat now in Florida supermarkets alongside the pork and beef.

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