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Sunday, September 2, 2012

One great little robot movie

By Scott Beveridge

The new movie "Robot & Frank" takes us to the near future to a place where an old man receives from his son the best technology available to slow the pace of dimemtia.

Aside from an enema the gift of Robot provides retired cat burglar Frank, portrayed wonderfully to the bone by Frank Lengella, with encouragement to exercise, eat his vegetables and rob a young jerk of a neighbor of his valuable jewels.

This little movie has a great cast, one that features America's sexiest old lady - Susan Sarandon - and Peter Sarsgaard as the Robot in a role that really should earn him an Oscar nomination. Liv Tyler delivers a great performance, too, of that sibling many 50-somethings know who means well when she tries to give an aging parent exactly what he doesn't want or need.

Lengella, though, offers a Best Actor-worthy performance in an engrossing movie, which is so different from that norm that it will rob you of the urge to check your Android or iPhone in a dark theater to see if someone has mentioned you on Facebook.

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