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Monday, August 27, 2012

French toast à la Scooterlicious

By Scott Beveridge, AKA Scooterlicious

WEBSTER, Pa. – While enjoying the luxury of a staycation this week with no other plans than to relax it's a great opportunity to experiment in the kitchen.

I developed a craving for French toast the other day after seeing a photo of the breakfast food on an Instagram post, but thought the white-bread variety had become boring.

While gathering the ingredients yesterday at Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson, Pa., I decided to go with a pecan raisin whole wheat bread and dress it up with sliced banana cooked in a raspberry sauce.

It turned out awesome, especially thanks to the bakers at the great supermarket on steroids that has become one of my favorite places to shop, eat, drink a beer and chill.

The raspberry sauce with banana recipe:

2 Tbs butter
2 heaping Tbs. Smucker's Simply Fruit Seedless Red Raspberry Spreadable Fruit
1 ripe banana, sliced into 1-inch discs

Melt the butter and spreadable fruit on a low-to-medium flame and fry the banana discs a few minutes on each side and set aside, covered.

French toast:

4 slices of Giant Eagle Market District pecan raisin whole wheat bread
3 large eggs, whipped
1 Tbs butter
4 Tbs olive oil, approximately
A dusting of powdered sugar

Melt butter into the olive oil over a medium flame in a large skillet.
Dip both sides of the bread in the egg batter and fry on each side until brown. I poured extra egg over the bread as it cooked to give it volume because the bread wasn't all that absorbent.

Garnish with banana and sauce, dust with powdered sugar and enjoy. Serves two.

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