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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The bacon that bonds us

A tasty sandwich we affectionally named the South Franklin bacon and gorgonzola burger. (Scott Beveridge photo)

Call us good friends who have been bonding this winter over bacon.

The cheaper and greasier the bacon on the plates the better for this group of six I have been joining regularly for dinner at the tables  that have switched weekly among our homes.

"Let's have bacon-wrapped shrimp next," one guest said last Sunday, deciding the next menu without argument. "Yes, let's do it."

Our parties began at my house over a cheesy bacon and potato soup.

We also decided in advance that these dinners must also include an activity, and mine featured a rather complicated playing cards game that died on delivery.

Next up it was bowling after dinner of lasagna and a most-excellent spinach salad with warm bacon dressing.

It should have been bowling first and then dinner because all that food, including our devouring an entire large loaf of garlic bread, sat like a lead balloon in my stomach while I bowled gutter ball after gutter ball. Two games were enough to burn us out.

Sunday we regrouped at a different house for bacon burgers with gorgonzola cheese and fresh-cut baked potatoes.

"They were tasty," one friend said.

I couldn't tell because, without realizing it at first, I was coming down with a cold that had begun to numb my taste buds. So I cannot attest to the quality of that last meal, even though it gets props for the effort it received.

But I'm still laughing at the silly cook who prepared the bacon on his stove while wearing a deer head mask.

Then it should come as no surprise that the activity of that day involved watching NASCAR.

The semi-anonymous cook frying bacon for the burgers. (Scott Beveridge photo)

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