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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blame Canada for this awful shot of booze

Pittsburgh podcampers raise their glasses to a toast with gross-tasting booze. Blame Canada. (Scott Beveridge photo)

PITTSBURGH – This drinking game came to Pittsburgh via Canada at one of the city's prior conferences for techies and social media geeks known as podcamp Pittsburgh.

And it has caught on, judging from the #pcpgh6 post-camp party Saturday after attendees left the conference at Point Park University and headed for a bar.

This way to a "good" drunk imported a few years ago by a camp attendee from beyond the northern border would be the 6-4-9 game, and it goes like this:

The host walks up to a bartender and orders everyone a shot made of equal parts of the sixth bottle from the left of the back bar, the fourth from the right and then the ninth from the left.

This year's offbeat mix at Bar Louie, Station Square, came in the form of a gross concoction of Southern Comfort, black cherry rum and raspberry vodka.

"It tastes like cough syrup," a few people exclaimed after downing that stuff.

"Dimetapp," others replied, referring to an elixir used to fight the common cold.

Pittsburgh, indeed, isn't a shot-and-beer town anymore.

However, I'm glad I passed on that free drink.

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