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Monday, January 3, 2011

The pink accessory

By Scott Beveridge

PITTSBURGH – It was time for me to buy some new smell good so I headed the other day to the men's fragrance counter at a mall Macy's.

It was supposed to be an easy shopping trip because I wanted to buy one of my favorite colognes, Code by Giorgio Armani, because it doesn't make me sneeze or smell like jasmine.

Unfortunately, that brand didn't offer a box set with a promotional gift. It was the holiday season and I wanted something for free in exchange for the nearly $80 cost of such a scent. 

Prada lured me in because it didn't seem overpowering and came with a big bottle of aftershave lotion and something else in a small black box. I was expecting the gift of a golf umbrella or gym bag, and not something in which to store mascara. Or something in the shade of cotton candy pink, either, from this store in The Mall at Robinson near Pittsburgh International Airport.

Hey attitudes are changing, but it made me wonder if this was an advertising ploy to entice a woman into buying her man this stuff for Christmas if it came with something to give herself. And then the thought crossed my mind that some romantic soul might decide to buy this product for himself if it came with something to also give his wife or girlfriend.

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MJ said...

I think a hint of jasmine hand lotion would be a pleasant surprise for the ladies.