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Friday, October 1, 2010

Adventures with Travel with a Beveridge

CALIFORNIA, Pa. – This was adhered to the driver's side window of my car while it was parked all of 10 minutes today in what appeared to be a private driveway to a friend's apartment in California, Pa.

There were a number of odd things to note, including the fact that the sticker does not indicate who put it there or why the car was illegally parked. There wasn't even a traffic ticket under any of the car's windshield wiper blades to further explain the warning.

This comes nearly two weeks after someone left half the air out of all four of my car's tires while I spent much of that day doing some investigative journalism in this small college town.

P.S. A subsequent web search revealed any fool can buy these stickers and use them to deface cars. It also requires a razor blade and hard work to remove them.

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