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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outhouse mania

People keep calling me to report outhouse sightings more than a week after I wrote a quirky story about the rise in popularity of these little buildings as their numbers have nearly weathered themselves to extinction.

One call came from an activities director at an old folk's home where residents made miniature versions of the outdoor toilets just for fun. Someone made a clever little outhouse with a rubber snake beside the pooper, while another crafty person included a likeness of a man scaring a woman of the pot with a firecracker.

An older lady who lives on her own drove from the country to the newspaper where I work in Washington, Pa., to show me a tiny replica of an outhouse she owns that someone from West Virginia molded in real chocolate. That one had a candy bunny and some edible flowers around its base. Yum.

The real one shown in the above photo can be found along Route 19 in tiny Amity, Pa. It's not immediately known if that can is in working order.

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