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Sunday, March 28, 2010

King Tut's coffin in Bendaroos with apple mummies

By Kenzie Hart Beveridge, winner of first place for her mummy project in the fourth-grade division at her school's annual science project competition

The reason I chose the mummy model is because I was Googling projects and saw the mummification processes and thought it was interesting.

So, I looked through "millions" of things about mummies and especially liked how in the oldin times they preserved bodies.

I found the apple mummies. The Egyptian thing fit because it was kind of how it all started.

How to make your own APPLE MUMMY ...

1. You will need the following ingredients: 
    1 apple
    Popsicle stick or craft stick
    1 med. sized plastic bag that seals
    Natron solution - 1/2 cup table salt
                                1/2 cup sodium carbonate (powder bleach)
                                1/2 cup baking soda
2. Stir together Nation ingredients in plastic bag
3. Carve your apple head into a face. You can leave some skin on or take it off. You can take out the cor or leave it in.
4. Put the Popsicle stick through the apple and dip into Natron solution making sure the whole apple is covered.
5. Leave apple in solution until it is dried out. This will take about a month or so.

INFO: The Natron solution dries the apple just as it would dry out the human body for the mummifying process

(Kenzie is the extraordinary niece of the publisher of this blog)

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Ann said...

Utterly cute one! I assume the apples aren't 'editable' afterwards?