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Friday, February 5, 2010

A hick town winter tradition

Under today's threat of a severe winter storm, once again the pickings are slim along the toilet paper isle at the local Giant Eagle supermarket outside of Washington, Pa.

The paranoid, frantically worried they will be shut in by the weather, also nearly wipe the supermarket shelves clean of eggs, milk and bread across southwestern Pennsylvania.

It's unfortunate for those who might actually need to go to the food store because they will stand in long lines as the snow falls, mostly behind old people with blue-tinged hair who apparently do not prefer the Northern Quilted brand.


MJ said...

The Shop 'n Save near my house had plenty of TP, but the hamburger bun shelves were barren. I'm wondering if there is some Super Bowl connection there?

Amanda Blu said...

Yep. I bought them all up for The Scooter Super Bowl Spectacular, Jimmy. I thought he said something about over-sized foam fingers, a keg of beer and D-(picture of a fence) signs. See yinz for kickoff. ;)

Scott Beveridge said...

You are SOL because my house doesn't have any power due to stormageddon and it's not expected to return until Monday at the earliest.