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Monday, January 11, 2010

Travel with a Snuggie

Hail the mighty Snuggie, originally uploaded by Scott Beveridge.

Until last week, it seemed I would get by without receiving a kitschy Snuggie, the blanket with long, drooping sleeves that became the hottest-selling item under the tree at Christmas.

Blame it on blogger, Mike Jones, for letting it slip that he and another furloughed friend had bought me one of the polyester monk-like coats as a surprise gag gift for Jesus’ birthday.

“How did you like the Snuggie?” Jones asked, without realizing the present was late in coming from his co-conspirator, Amanda Gillooly, who missed the gift-giving deadline of Dec. 25.

It seems she wanted to iron on the letters, TWAB, to stand for Travel with a Beveridge, but didn’t have the domestic skills to use that appliance on Polyester. Gillooly promised, though, to give it another try now that she has been outed for holding out on my Snuggie.

If would be funny if it showed before Thursday when my employer, the Observer-Reporter of Washington, Pa., shoots a video to accompany a silly story I am writing for the newspaper about this fleece phenom.

The producer is talking about superimposing photos of me in a Snuggie as a spoof over those of the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids of Giza and the inauguration of President Barack Obama. This should be a hoot. Check back next week to see the outcome of this creative venture.

(Note: Scott Beveridge models a Snuggie in the photo, above, provided by a co-worker who received three for Christmas and brought one of them to the office for us to share, separately, on cold days.)


Amanda Blu said...

That's the color we got you. I'll drop it off to the newsroom Wednesday night once I have the TWAB logo ironed on...
PS -- You look a little like a monk. In the best way possible.

Amanda Blu said...

Expect a Wednesday delivery from Santa BG, Scooter. Craft store outing tomorrow! Domestic skillz be-damned!!

MJ said...

Sorry for blowing your cover, Amanda.

And did they shut off the heat at the O-R as a cost-saving measure?

Amanda Blu said...

It's all good, Jimmity. He got a blog out of the gift, too. Bonus. And I think the burn barrel is just out of the frame...