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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salsa for a hot G-20 week in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – A salsa band ushered in tonight what surely will be the hottest week in Pittsburgh as the city prepares to host the G-20 summit.

America’s Latin Orchestra drew a decent crowd to the city’s Katz Plaza not far from where world leaders will convene Thursday and Friday to discuss ways to solve global problems.

Police officers are ready to show their force in numbers that probably have never been seen before in this city that ironically has been called one of the friendliest places to live in the United States.

Meanwhile, protests groups of all makes and models are crowding every hotel within an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh so their members can also use this world stage to draw attention to the causes they embrace.

A friendly-appearing young man walked through Pittsburgh tonight wearing a T-Shirt containing the phrase: “G-20 Summit leaders are a bunch of jack offs.” He smiled as we passed, and I wondered if he is among the biggest jerks in town for wearing such a message on his clothing.

At the same time, I suspected the police are purposely overreacting to the upcoming public demonstrations in their attempts to scare people away from witnessing history to make their jobs easier.

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