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Thursday, April 30, 2009

An historic courthouse, exposed

The 1916 Neoclassical Palm Beach Courthouse was revealed in its full glory in March 2008 after an unusual wrap-around building came down in an $18 million restoration project.

The Florida county commissioners must have been dropping LSD in the late 1960s when they decided to hide this building with that ugly addition.

A different board of commissions in 2002 had no idea how much of this gem still existed when it had the foresight to approve money for this chip-away work, the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Preservation magazine reports in its May/June issue. The work involved salvaging the original columns that had been relocated to a cemetery.

The building now is used for some county offices, as well as a history museum.

While the quality of this video of the demolition is poor, it's pretty cool, nonetheless.

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