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Monday, August 11, 2008

The lobster slider is a winner

The anonymous chef and I attempted Saturday to pull off lobster sliders, a recipe for an alternative to grilled burgers that was featured last month on the Today Show.

It’s an expensive experiment because two lobster tails weighing slightly less than a pound cost $34 at Wholey's fish market in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

“They’re delicious,” the chef said as she tore into a sandwich.

For bread, we slice a loaf of light and airy flatbread from Sunseri’s, a fantastic bakery that can be found, too, in the Strip. Dollops of mayo and thin slices of a garden fresh tomato are used to top off the sandwiches.

There is one problem, though, with this recipe – it lacks a bonding ingredient. That makes the patties difficult to turn over and hold their shape. So we toss an egg into the second batch that is shown in the photo, above. That probably isn’t the best idea for a solution. But who cares? It’s lobster.

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