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Monday, May 5, 2008

Join them for tea, if you dare....

Warning: This photograph could scare little children. I mean the glare in the eyes of the woman, seated, third from left, had to seem downright frightening to her friends when they saw this portrait. She was either mad as a hornet while posing with them or holding back a ton of gas.

They were a group of uppity women from the late 1800s that was known as the Friday Conversational Club of Monongahela, Pa. The ladies got together once a week to share their appreciation of music, sewing and reading. But some have been known to say they didn’t accomplish much other than sharing the latest gossip and sneers about what the others happened to be wearing that particular week.

The tiny city about 25 miles south of Monongahela dates to 1769, and it quickly became a bedroom community for the wealthy. However, many of the moneybags moved to Florida after the stock market crash of 1929, unable to afford the upkeep of their stately Victorian homes. The club lived on until 1975, having disbanded after shifting interest in maintaining a local historical society.

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Amanda Gillooly said...

They look like party animals. Which one brought the beers? Gas Lady?