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Friday, September 14, 2007

Dome dons raincoat

The top of the historic Washington County Courthouse in Pennsylvania is looking more like a phallic symbol these days. Workers have encased the dome in scaffolding and a plastic sheath while they restore its terracotta covering.
R.J. Friday Inc. of Pittsburgh was awarded a more than $500,000 contract to repair damages that resulted in a bad restoration job two decades ago. The dome was encased then with a rubber-based paint that has cracked over the years, allowing rain to batter and rot the roofing materials. Now, the coating must come off and be replaced with something more durable to protect the 107-year-old national landmark built by the F.J. Osterling Co. of Pittsburgh. To make matters worse for the laborers, the interior of the dome is plop full of pigeon poop that must come out. This time, the restoration contract requires that netting be placed around the dome openings for the sake of clean justice.

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