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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Writing on the wall

As a journalist with an art degree, I can fully appreciate freedom of speech and expression.
But, I have never understood the logic of graffiti artists who have no problem with expressing themselves on someone else’s private property. Most of this stuff around Pittsburgh, Pa., with its big, bold, colorful letters, appears to be repetitive nonsense. From what I see, it doesn’t confront the viewer or seek some important political change. The photograph above is one of many examples of this vandalism that can be found throughout Pittsburgh’s South Side.
Some graffiti art, however, is cool enough to qualify for display in a nice gallery. Avone is once such artist in New York who comes up with some amazing images while also landing himself in quite a bit of trouble with the law. Tomorrow’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette promises a story on a local spray-paint artist who was nabbed and faces fines of more than $500,000. At that rate, the artist will never be able to afford a real canvas.

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